Domenica Giovannini, MPH
MaberMe, Inc. Founder & CEO

Hello! I'm Domenica and here is a little bit about me! As a typical millennial jack of all trades, I have dabbled in a myriad of disciplines. By trade I am an expert in nonprofit and government operations, fund development, program development, and compliance. By choice I taught myself to be an expert in digital marketing, communications, and collaboration for good. 

With an undergrad degree is Psychology from UCSB and a graduate degree in Public Health from Touro University, I found myself propelled out of academia with little opportunity or direction (and with a ton of student debt). Luckily, when faced with adversity I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and started a photography and social media marketing company which worked to transform marketing and communications in the local government realm. I'm now known for my "marketing communities" work as well as self branding work with agency leads, executives, and business owners. Like all things alive, the business grew from a small sole prop to a network of consultants helping businesses be better. With growth, my role is ever changing, but I also know I can't do it all! These days I spend part of my time training or finding expert sub-consultants to do the fun stuff. I take on providing operational and compliance services to government agencies. I kind of ask myself everyday why this is the case, but overall watching communities transform is what makes me tick. Slow...and...steady...

I believe that we must work together to solve the most difficult issues facing the world currently. When I grow up I think i'd be cool to be a college professor. Yes more school! In this thing that people call "free time" I have a radio show on KPCA, Petaluma's local radio station. You'll generally catch me around downtown with my dog Noir and/or with a glass of wine in my hand!

You can check out my personal website for a bunch more including my blog! www.domenica.ninja