Marketing, Public Relations, Business Development, & Collaboration for Good


MaberMe is a network of consultants made up of the best local talent. We strive to have a positive impact globally by helping other businesses do well. We provide a full spectrum of professional consulting services and specialize in working with nonprofits, government agencies, and mission minded for-profits. Let us help you find the right direction!


Let us help you bring your business or organization to the next level...


Marketing & Public relations

Marketing/PR is not reserved for your external stakeholders, but also effects your internal stakeholders. We are experts in developing cohesive messaging to effectively tell your story through print, photo, video, graphic, web, and public relations.

Operations & staff development

Our CEO regularly reminds clients that, "you cannot market something that is not operationally sound." Many nonprofit agencies and start-ups need help to assess & refine business operations in areas from staff development to money management. We can connect you with the proper team to get the job done well.


Bringing new ideas to market

There are many great ideas and products out there. We work to bring new ideas to market or help to expand the current market. Our focus is on technologies that enhance efficiency, collaboration and communications within the for profit, for good arena.

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MaberMe, Inc.

24 Western Ave #314,
Petaluma CA 94952

Because we are often busy on site with clients, we ask that people set up an appointment before dropping into the office. We look forward to working with you!